How to Purchase PBE Account – Buy PBE Account Guide

Purchase League of Legends PBE Accounts
Are you interested in testing out new features and potential updates that Riot is working on for League of Legends? When you buy a League of Legends PBE account from SmurfsGG that’s exactly what you will get: full, lifetime access to the PBE test server with your own PBE account.
What Are League of Legends PBE Accounts?
LoL PBE Accounts are accounts that have access to the League of Legends Public Beta Environment (PBE), also known as the beta server or test server. When Riot is creating and testing new features for future patches, it all gets tested by the public on the beta server.
With a League of Legends PBE Account, you will be able to sign into the test server and test out any of the new skins, features, balancing changes, and other potential updates that the developers plan on releasing in the future.
Why Purchase League of Legends PBE Accounts
Access to the beta test server is a great way to experience updates before they happen and even leave feedback for the Riot team. The PBE test server is fully functional so you can still play games, queue up, and everything else that you would normally do except you have access to all of the beta features at the same time. When you purchase League of Legends PBE Accounts you can:

  • Test out new beta features.
  • Explore potential new skins and see how they look.
  • See all of the potential updates before the general public.
  • Get hands-on testing for new balance changes and features so you are ready when the update goes live.
  • And much more…

Buy A League of Legends PBE Account With SmurfsGG

When you purchase League of Legends smurf accounts that have PBE access you will be able to download the public beta environment test server and sign in instantly so you can queue up and test out what Riot has planned for the future. With SmurfsGG, all of the accounts you buy are permanent which means you will always be able to sign into your LoL PBE account anytime the developers are giving beta access out. Visit our list of League of Legends PBE Accounts at Buy PBE Account today and get started.